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It's a while since my last story was, (under the name gf naughty bitch, now I am a woman). Now that the last story that I have many sexual adventures that my then boyfriend (now husband) had many sexual experiences, I would say to all or one of my favorites, my wedding day. The weather was horrible, I was so nervous about the ceremony was very nice to my boyfriend looked fabulous, I had my dress, I was very happy with the cake for a change I saw my long curly blond hair, my to perfection, the dress was a tunic of the shoulder (do not know, little hypocritcal than I thought! ), a corset and thong underneath ivory matching stockings and high heels. tubevector However, the fun never started until the reception, I was getting a lot of beautiful comments everyone how good it looked and how happy my husband, I felt very flattered, I usually get some comments, but are differnt, which meant more today. Then there was a type one (Steven, who had had sex together before ), was how I look sexyed and the way you've always dreamed to tubevector fuck a bride in her dress, he tubevector moved his jacket aside and looked and saw the silhouette of a hard cock in his pants to see shows, I was a little cool, I said. He looked into my eyes and said, how you feel about billing or for typing ? Steven took the opportunity, I said I had to meet him in the lobby of the hotel in 2 minutes, I have the excuse that it was going to the bathroom ( anyone ever go to the bathroom in a white wedding dress this process may take some time). We are in the lobby, and went to his room immediately and we kissed once tried to get two in my dress, found the easiest way was to stand by us, while I was in the leg saddle was squat and stretch the dress, stockings and thong could not show a side like fingers and rubbed my clit with a great orgasm, I think he did on the day of my tubevector wedding! at this point, I was incredibly hot, thanks to Steven for my wedding, stroked cock and fixed on me and went back down, I thought it was that night. as day became night, the champagne tubevector and wine flowed, I was very drunk and very hot and naked when drunk. I told my husband that we make our excuses and our marriage consummated and was drunk and did not need the stimulus, and we in our room upstairs later. Once there, my husband jumped into bed, I show my dress away, my girlfriend 's underwear, you could say he was excited it was hard when I went to bed! N We have as usual, kissing, stroking, the usual prelude, told me how sexy I looked, I said I know how sexy she saw a lot of people had said that fascinated him really? he asked, yes, I said, this knowledge came to him, he said, in fact, I have a confession! what it was that honey, he said, while he was kissing my neck and fingers, my wet hole, in Stevens room this morning told me that he fantasizes about fucking a bride in her dress, right? - Asked, no of tubevector course not, but I played until I then went down. This sent him over the edge, and the semen on my hand there and then! A little disappointing, I thought I was happy 2 looking for a good powder, if I went 2 tubevector See Steven Instead, I say! He laughed and said sorry, as the tail began two to relax, and then told me to call him if I could join us, if you wanted. And I, I liked took a cock in me, that two better! in Steven was 5 minutes to knock on the door, opened it, crashed around my head, I saw it was him and opened the door, as I stould in my underwear, Steven smiled and left, I tubevector closed the door behind us, I turned and kissed him, I was gagging for it! He could play his ass with my hands tubevector in my pants feel, after spending my corset two breasts felt it was so beautiful that he stopped tubevector kissing, I told my husband to take a drink steven, as wegettin in the mood, he will return with a bottle of champagne brought from below. At this time, Steven was naked and made ​​me suck his penis knees beautiful, my husband 's drinking and took his place behind me, patted my ass and hair as he kissed me on the shoulder while waiting for her friend on their wedding night Steven said, who caught yet? I jumped up and told me not to, semen, while I had to tell you what you did two with me today ! He laughed and said do not worry dear, I'm going to order now ! He stopped, leaned over the bed, fell on the belt and went to his tail! Finally, I have always been what I deserve a fucking great! I do not remember how much time passed before I realized that my husband appeared before me, it was tubevector hard again and I wanted more cock! He immediately took tubevector it to his mouth and sucked like tubevector a whore greedily devoured little real cock my husband and my body crashed again and your friend, Steven was fucking me very good and very hard i was cum in no time deftly broke my corset is disgarded and transported me to a new position, my husband sitting on the bed, I turned away from him sitting on his hard cock, Steven in front of me, kissing me passionately, about grabbed my breasts, pinching my nipples, grab a glass Champage spilling over my breasts and licks and sucks my breast was so sexy, I'm on my husband Dick rebound! Steven s then orders suck, immediately making him suck as hard as you can before long, he pulls out his hard cock and jerks off until he shoots cum all over my face, hair and breasts and then my husband filled my pussy with his sperm, oh my God, it was incredible. Steven was a bit of time, then left, my husband and I thought of a beautiful day and expected to married life, my husband joked about sex should be after marriage do not believe that boring! somehow I like that!
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